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DEM comparisons between three different mantle designs for a 60-102 XHD METSO Gyratory Crusher situated in a large-scale Iron Ore Mine in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The Objective of the project was to assist the customer in assessing the design and operational changes to achieve better throughput.

The DEM Simulations conducted during this project focused on the following mantle designs:

  • Standard Smooth Mantle as the reference.
  • Ribs incorporated along the length of the crushing face and Slots around the lower most outside diameter where the ore reaches final sizing and is discharged.
  • Larger Ribs and Slot sizing

These types of simulations allow us to test potential improvements in the crushing application, assisting our engineering team with valuable insight to extract performance improvements without the large expenditure and time frame required for conventional field tests.

PRIMA offers a full range of services targeting performance improvements across throughput, energy efficiency, liner life, downtime, or a combination of these. In addition, our 80 years in the business and our vastly experienced team mean that we’re able to leverage a variety of tools for our on-site inspections and off-site application engineering.

Comparative heat maps for high wear areas


Ribs and Slots

Larger Ribs and Slots