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World-class facilities and tailored services

With three separate foundries, 300 staff members, and dedicated service and support functionality, PRIMA Industrial provides a host of services, facilities, and casting capabilities to the global mining industry.

Our single-site manufacturing facility in Benoni is conveniently located near major transport hubs and within fast, easy access to international transport routes – crucial infrastructure for a business striving for excellence in order lead time and delivery.

Support and Services

Engineering and design services

PRIMA helps clients to create practical and well thought-out solutions, leveraging our extensive experience in CAD, FEA software, DEM simulation tools, and 3D scanning programmes. These services help our clients to better understand the effects of their operating parameters and deliver on performance.

We offer a full product lifecycle service, from product development through to in-service monitoring and final design adjustments.

Prima Foundreis Facilities Engineering
Prima Foundreis Facilities Pattern Shop

Pattern shop

We can turn your most elaborate part designs into meticulously crafted, accurate patterns. Our team of highly skilled patternmakers has built up a pattern register of over 5,000 parts. We use two Haas CNC gantry routers to make most patterns in-house.


PRIMA Foundry (est. 1937)

Our original greensand facility – in particular for the SAG and AG mill liner market – has recently been upgraded into a furan-based moulding line.

Together with a state-of-the-art sand reclamation system, bottom poured ladles, and two 4,000kg electric arc furnaces, the PRIMA Foundry allows castings of up to 3,000kg to be made efficiently and to the highest standards.

It has the capacity to produce 600 tons of net alloyed iron and steel castings per month, with plans to increase this to 1,100 tons in due course.

Prima Foundreis Facilities Ad Foundry

AD Foundry (est. 1942)

Our AD Foundry performs high production runs, with the capacity to produce 500 tons of net alloyed iron and steel castings a month.

Every hour, the horizontal parting high-pressure moulding line can produce up to 15 moulds with a box size of 1500 x 900 x 400mm and a maximum casting mass of 350kg.

The greensand system uses 100% chromite sand. Alloyed iron and steel are supplied via bottom-poured ladles from two 4,000kg electric arc furnaces.

Heavy-Bay Foundry (est. 2010)

The Heavy-Bay Foundry uses a chromite-based Acid Phenolic bonded sand system to manufacture steel castings up to a maximum net weight of 12 500Kg for the mining industry, mostly used for larger Jaw, Cone, and Gyratory crusher wear parts.

It can produce 600 tons of net castings per month, with alloyed steel supplied via bottom-poured ladles from one 10-ton and two 4-ton electric arc furnace.


Prima Foundreis Facilities Heat Treatment

Heat treatment facilities

Once casting is complete, we use pressurised air cannons to remove the large feeder and gating systems. Our on-site heat treatment facilities feature six fully programmable gas-fired ovens, incorporating high-velocity burners to ensure accurate and efficient cycles.

The quenching process relies on a fully mechanised transport system to ensure that castings reach the quench bath as quickly as possible.

Machining facilities

Our machine shop features 12 vertical boring mills. Our largest mill has a 4m table and three horizontal planers, with a maximum table size of 2m x 3.5m. All machining is done in-house.

Prima Foundreis Facilities Machining

Quality Control department

Our Quality Control department is backed by the PRIMA ISO 9001  2015-certified quality management system. Our on-site materials testing laboratory and inspection team guarantee that we maintain the highest quality and standards throughout the production process.