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Since 1937 PRIMA has been a trusted supplier of wear part solutions to the mining industry worldwide.

Over the decades, we have become known for our focus on helping our customers improve operational efficiencies through reliable, high-quality mill and crusher liners. Now it is time to set our sights into the next decades and our new brand is a sign of where we want to go.

We are proud to introduce our new brand identity which symbolises our rich history and a bold vision for the future. We have chosen blue and green as primary colours. Blue represents the stability and expertise that over 80 years in business brings. Green stands for our future and our intention to be a sustainable business and help our customers achieve the same.

The new logo proudly connects to our history that started in 1937 and finds inspiration in the outline of a mill liner assembly. The four outer lines represent our core values of partnership, reliability, value and innovation. The 2 blue lines inside the green assembly means “stability into the new” – “our history moves with us into the future”.

PRIMA. Your partner in unlocking value.

Prima Logo
Prima Post Values

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