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As a supplier to the global mining industry for over 84 years, we at PRIMA Industrial Holdings understand the extent to which risk must be mitigated – not just handled.

Like you, we know that a mining operation simply cannot afford unnecessary risk in its key processes, so one of the ways we choose to manage risk is by understanding our customer. This is a tried-and-trusted approach built into our company and developed through our long history working with the mining industry.

What is “understanding”?

When we say “understanding”, we refer not to surface-level understanding; not to the “customer-centricity” you’ll see in slide decks or hear in boardrooms.

We mean something more:

A system of developing multi-faceted, multi-layered, multi-level understanding, that begins very early on, long before manufacturing begins

We believe that understanding the customer must go deeper and further than many may think; that this requires intense and dedicated professional engagement with the customer; and that it should, ideally, form part of a supplier’s company culture.

When you deal with PRIMA, this is what you can expect.

The PRIMA process

There are four key stages to the PRIMA process; namely,

  • Engineering a solution for each specific customer’s needs
  • Product development and manufacturing
  • Working with the customer to evaluate performance through the product’s lifecycle while in use
  • Reviewing post-campaign data with further product enhancement and process improvements in mind

For now, let’s focus on Stage 1: the 3 levels required to engineer a solution.

It is critical to understand the client as a whole, not just the individual we are dealing with. What are the macro issues that are important to the mine? We look into policies, strategies and high-level needs. We evaluate the various drivers at play. Are they cost and value, or are there others?

Finding out begins with research.

We investigate whether our client’s concerns are dominated by people, production, profit, sustainability, or environment, and in which combination. For example, if a priority is improving operating costs, we undertake to support the client in that way.

By exploring what drives the client, we’re able to help them to meet their stated promises, in real-world contexts.

Operationally, are we speaking to the right decision-makers and have we worked to ensure healthy engagement? Without that, it may prove impossible for us to carry on and meet the intended objectives.

On the technical front, what are the main challenges? Is current production and performance up to par? Is the client looking at improving? Have they had any failures? And, are they happy with throughput?

PRIMA shares information constantly. We have informative discussions with key stakeholders at every level: process plant manager, engineer, metallurgist, foremen and operators.

On the process front, we work to get an understanding of operational challenges, needs, and expectations. We conduct on-site process audits, before our engineering team conducts DEM simulation analysis on the data, to enable us to make informed decisions together with the customer.

The journey doesn’t end here. It is part of our DNA to foster long-term relationships. This, and our continued involvement, allows us to look for opportunities to improve.

The bottom line

At PRIMA, we are questioners. And when you answer, we listen. After all, you know what performance you want from your plant. At PRIMA we know how to make it happen. That’s partnership.

PRIMA Industrial is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of all types of crusher and mill liners to the global mining industry. Our broad range of solutions extends to tailor-made products, services, and consulting; spanning mineral processing (crushing, milling, and bulk ore handling), shredder spares, and general engineering. We have three specialised foundries on-site, supported by a full array of in-house capabilities, from design to 3D scanning for product verification.